Volume I Part I

by Descendants of Darwin

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released August 16, 2012

Scribbles and grunts: Shay Willis. Mr Smackiddy Smack: Rob Haines. Fuzzy monster gat: Adam Morris. Fiddly wah gat: Ben Smith. Chuggidy chug gat: Aaron Greave. Engineer: Ben Smith. Master mixing mastas: Mark Prue and Kaine Hood.



all rights reserved


Descendants of Darwin Timaru, New Zealand

The inner musings of simple primates still coming to terms with their existence on a floating rock in a minuscule corner of a vast and ever expanding universe

Descendants formed early 2012 in Timaru, a provincial port town on the South Island of New Zealand.

With the rhythm section's other projects winding down we came together to try and do something different to what we'd done in the past.
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Track Name: Beast of Aotearoa
Swimming through a depth-less sea of shattered control
While searching for a balance, time it takes it's toll
Caught between the consequences of my actions, the choices that I make
and the reality of a world thrust upon me. What path shall I take?

I am, I am, I am, a

As the offspring of the intrepid who set out in a search for more
The ones who gazed at horizons and dared to leave their shores
In these new lands those who could do thrived
and we made sure those who did not, that they survived
Jack used to be as good as his master, now there’s a gaping fucking rift
We all must unite if we want ourselves to lift

I am, I am, I am, a

I am, I am, I am, a

To the avarice lords who feed us scraps you should heed our call
The Arab Spring can happen here and we will come for you all.
You should be weary I more than a man armed with claws and teeth
Yet when you look in these eyes know that I am beast

I am, I am a, I am a beast
Track Name: The Origin of Superstitions
That light in the sky is merely the sun, but from it a dawn of darkness begun.
Fables derived from one another, passed on to child by father and mother.
Questions without answers so man wrote his own unable to embrace the thought of the unknown.

Woah yeah, your tales have been spun, you can not deny your origins.

Heretics purged by fire for speaking the truth, prophets taken from us for showing people the proof.
The age of enlightenment merely opened the door. To live in the shadow of lore is still pure.
Man’s fairytale stories to question a sin.

Woah yeah, your tales have been spun, you can not deny your origins.

The origin, the origin, the origin of superstitions.
Track Name: Pseudoscience
Dress it up how you like It will not make it true.
Your claims are outright bullshit but that doesn't bother you.
Blind faith, ignorance, or you outright lying?
Instead of getting treatment some use your shit while dying.

Pseudoscience, Pseudoscience.

Shown truth in black and white you shy and look away.
You only care as long as people pay
Bullshit, sugar pills like snake oil of the past.
So you can take this crystal here and shove it up your ass.

Pseudoscience, pseudoscience. Pseudoscience, pseudoscience.

Pseudo, pseudoscience, pseudo, pseudoscience, pseudo, pseudoscience, pseudo, pseudoscience.